Void, Trenches and Culverts Infilling

  • Due to its flexibility BritFoam® is ideal for filling voids and culverts.
  • BritFoam® is light and expandable British Manufactured Urea Formaldehyde Polymer resin based hardfoam which can be easily injected into confined spaces and using our specialist equipment can also be pumped long distances.
  • Our product has on many occasions been used to pig pipelines for the purpose of inerting them aswell as at the same time filling the cavity and removing residual liquids.
  • BritFoam® is an environmentally friendly option, it is non-toxic and non-flammable which in today’s climate is of utmost importance to everyone.
  • BritFoam® is an entirely versatile product which can also be used in horticultural landscaping projects.

Two projects recently completed by us:

On this project BritFoam® was successfully used to fill the basement of a shop where change of building usage was imminent. The purpose of the exercise was for added security to the building and to safely house utilities pipes i.e. gas, electricity etc. BritFoam® was chosen over concrete as it could easily and quickly removed should it be necessary a later date to gain emergency access to the utility pipes.
BritFoam® was used recently to fill voids within a retaining wall of a listed building

If you have a project for which you think BritFoam® might be suitable, please call us on T: +44 (0) 1942 722244 and ask to speak with one of our Technical/Sales team.