Tank Decommissioning

Our experienced team can decommission an average sized site in one day with minimal disruption to you and the neighbouring properties and businesses.

If your business is still operational but you have a failed tank which requires immediate decommissioning – then this can be done, with minimal disruption to you and your customers, allowing your business to remain open usual.

BritFoam® British Manufactured Urea Formaldehyde Polymer resin based hardfoam which has been scientifically tested for compressive strength and technical data is available upon request.

Foam filling with BritFoam® is a quick, easier and safe procedure. BritFoam® can be injected into a tank through the existing tank pipework or through an opening on the tank lid. The purpose of BritFoam® is to absorb all the hydrocarbons present in the tank rendering it "Decommissioned, Safe and Inert in Situ".

Our tank/pipeline decommissioning procedure is accepted by Petroleum Enforcement Authorities throughout the United Kingdom and our product BritFoam® meets the required criteria as stated in the APEA/IP Design, Construction, Modification, Maintenance and Decommissioning of Filling Stations (The Blue Book) Revised June 2018, 4th Edition.

Working together with retailers to enable their sites to remain open for business during tank decommissioning works.

Our specially adapted vehicles and equipment enables us to reach the remotest of locations

BritFoam® goes to Uni

Lees Industrial Services have successfully completed a major project at one of the UK’s leading Universities.

The University was in the process of converting over to gas as a consequence their old heating oil tanks previously serving the University Buildings and Student Campus required decommissioning.

Due to the location of the tanks, unusually large tank capacities (in excess of 200,000 liters) and overall cost of the exercise it was decided that BritFoam® was the best and only available cost effective option.

Since completing this project we have carried out identical projects at other leading Universities in the UK.

Another BritFoam® project successfully completed

As a result of a changeover from Heating Oil to Gas our specialist services were called upon to decommission the 2No 200,000 litre below ground heating oil storage tanks. Previously these heating oil tanks serviced a number of blocks of flats on a large residential housing estate in South London.

BritFoam® takes to the water

BritFoam has also been used successfully to re-float sinking pontoons and aerator equipment on our waterways. See photograph below.