Tank Cleaning Baffle Cutting

We provide a fully comprehensive service for the internal cleaning of both above and below ground storage tanks and vessels including

• Tanks contaminated with petroleum spirit
• Aviation fuels
• Oil-based products
• Chemicals
• Commercial commodities.

All tanks are cleaned and certified to gas-free standard.

Since the introduction of Bio Fuels it has become necessary as a proactive measure to internally clean storage tanks on a more regular basis to remove the sludges and contaminates from the bottom of the tank to avoid operational problems. .

Our entire workforce is trained in confined space with full breathing apparatus.

All Works are carried out in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive

Guidance Note: CS15 - The cleaning and gas freeing

Baffle Cutting

Once the tank has been internally cleaned to a gas free standard one of our specialist team can, if required, using a cold cutting procedure, can safely cut through the tank baffle for the purpose of converting a multi compartmented tank into a on single compartment.