Pipeline Decommissioning

Decommissioning a pipeline with BritFoam® and leaving it in situ has enormous advantages over complete removal.

In respect of buried pipelines it avoids extensive and disruptive excavation of land and reduces the risk of soil instability, settlement and subsidence in the future.

Due to BritFoam® being a light and expandable Urea-Formaldehyde Polymeric Hydrophobic Resin based Hardfoam it can easily be injected into confined spaces and pumped long distances and once injected cures quickly.

On some of the pipeline projects we have been engaged on BritFoam® has been successfully pumped in excess of 500 metres.

With regard to fuel pipeline decommissioning BritFoam® has the added capability to absorb and inert any hydrocarbons that may still be present in the pipeline.

Whilst working on site our team are self-sufficient; we do not rely on our Customer’s providing us with water, electricity or mixing facilities and as a consequence we are able to accept and accomplish projects in the remotest and isolated locations effectively.

BritFoam® is mixed at our depot and transported to site ready for use. Unlike concrete we have the capability to delivery in excess of 200m3 to site deploying only one supply vehicle.

Please see below some photographs complete with a brief description of pipeline projects recently completed by us:

Project One: 17 kilometres 6 inch diameter redundant fuel pipe
Project Two: 1,000 metre 600 millimetres diameter sewage pipeline

To date BritFoam® has been used by the National Grid, Airports, Utility Company’s and the MOD to decommission pipelines throughout the UK.

Should you have a project that you feel BritFoam® might be suitable for, please contact Linda Stinton on T: +44 (0) 1942 722244 to discuss further or email Linda on [email protected]