Fuel Uplifts/Transfers and Fuel Crossovers

Our tankers can be on standby or even based on site to cover and help with emergency situations.

We have own specialist fleet of stainless steel petroleum regulated multipot tankers which are all fitted with a built in water jetting system, peristaltic pumps and full vapour recovery capabilities for forecourts, where this is available.

Designed by our Managing Director, Kevin Lees, LIS were able to add to our fleet our first 4 compartment petroleum regulated tanker. Our new tankers have the capacity of 3No. 9,000; 1No. 3,000 litre pots giving an overall capacity of 30,000 litres.

All of our tankers have been designed and are regulated for use on petroleum forecourts. Using one of our specialist fleet we can also uplift and dispose of the following products:

• Contents of fuel tanks (all hydrocarbons)
• Contents from tank bund
• Interceptors
• Car Wash silt traps
• Spray booth waste
• ACO drainage
• Waste Oils/Sludges/Chemicals/acids/solvents – subject to sampling
• Drums containing any of the above substances – subject to sampling

In addition to the above:

• Carry out fuel transfers on site or to alternative location
• Where fuel has become cross contaminated we are also able to uplift the contaminated product and transport it to the refinery for safe disposal.

Health & Safety is of the utmost priority; therefore our operatives all hold a current ADR Licence, UKPIA, are fully trained in Confined Space entry, use of breathing apparatus and have medical certificates for Lead at Work Regulations.