Lees Industrial Services "LIS" - Manufacturer and Sole Applicator of BritFoam

BritFoam® is a British manufactured resin based hardfoam which is now used throughout the United Kingdom to decommission underground storage tanks, pipelines, voids, and culverts.

BritFoam® technical information and compressive strength data can be obtained on request.

BritFoam® has the benefit of being virtually odourless and non-reactive to normal skin conditions. It is safe to handle, although as with all chemical based products, attention must be focused on Health and Safety and adequate procedures should always be put in place according to the task at hand. To distinguish our product from others we inject a pink vegetable dye into the foam.

Tanks previously decommissioned with BritFoam® have already been excavated and accepted at landfill sites; only positive feedback has been received from our customers regarding our product.

The formaldehyde content in resin generated hardfoam has always been of great concern, however BritFoam® contains significantly less formaldehyde than other products currently available in the marketplace making BritFoam®, in our view, a more environmentally friendly option which adheres to the current government recommendations/guidelines for acceptance at landfill.

An added benefit is that tanks previously decommissioned with BritFoam® can be reinstated. The BritFoam® can be removed and the tank cleaned, tested and pipework re-connected bring the tank back into working order, obviously on the proviso that the tank was in a good working order before it’s decommissioning and remains to be so. This is not an option with concrete slurry filled tanks!

Decommissioning with BritFoam® is simpler, cheap and quicker than using concrete slurry there is no need to clean and gas free the pipeline/tank or to remove the tank lid as BritFoam® can simply and easily injected through the existing tank pipework or the flange on the top of tank lid. We would however recommend the pipeline/tank be emptied/drained before injecting with BritFoam®.

Our tank/pipeline decommissioning procedure is accepted by Petroleum Enforcement Authorities throughout the United Kingdom and our product BritFoam meets the required criteria as stated in the APEA/IP Design, Construction, Modification, Maintenance and Decommissioning of Filling Stations (The Blue Book) Revised June 2018. 4th Edition.

As well as the decommissioning of tanks/pipelines BritFoam® has been used for numerous other types of applications/projects.