BritFoam Removal

BritFoam®, a resin based hardfoam, is an approved product used to decommission below ground storage tanks, pipelines, voids and culverts.

The underlying purpose of BritFoam® is to fill a disused storage tank to full capacity, hence absorbing all the hydrocarbons present rendering the tank “Safe and Inert in Situ” ultimately making it safer to handle should the need arise for its removal at a later date.

A major advantage BritFoam® has over other decommissioning materials such as concrete slurry is that it can be remove should a decision be taken at a later date to to reinstate the decommissioned tank and bring it back into use. In such circumstances BritFoam® can easily be removed, the tank cleaned thoroughly, the pipe work reconnected and tested, obviously this is on the proviso that the tank was/is still in good condition. This is not an option with concrete slurry.

BritFoam® is easy to remove and extremely manageable to handle and work with. As BritFoam® is removed from the tank, placed into a skip and ready to go to landfill for safe disposal.

Finally, here are some photographs which may be of interest to you. These photos were taken at a site where we were commissioned to excavate/remove the tanks, some of these having previously been decommissioned with BritFoam®. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the density of our product.

Should you have questions regarding the removal of BritFoam® or require a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.